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Exchange: Bitcoin / Litecoin / Rouble / Dollar
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Fees of effective as of 2015/4/11
operationfeeterm of completionlimit
BTC, LTC depositfreeimmediately after 2 (BTC) or 6 (LTC) confirmations in network blockchainunlimited
BTC, LTC withdrawal0.1% of value, no less than 0.0001 BTC, 0.001 LTCimmediately to be pushed to network blockchain
exchange operationsjust for payouts according to currency pairimmediately on order registration,
up to 1-2 minute after deal execution for payout
RUR deposit3% of value
1% for Qiwi Peer2Peer, Webmoney Peer2Peer and Yandex.Money Peer2Peer
up to 48 hourstotal up to
600000 RUR,
20000 USD
during 30 days period
USD deposit1.5% of valueup to 24 hours
USD wire deposit1.5% of value, no less than 20 USDup to 24 hours after bank account deposit
RUR withdrawal3% of valueup to 72 hours☆☆
USD withdrawal☆☆☆3% of value1 business day
USD wire withdrawal1.5% of value, no less than 20 USDup to 3-5 business days
services payment3% of valueup to 72 hours
payment against e-commerce venture's invoicefreeimmediatelyunlimited
transfer to another user of the system0.2% of valueimmediately60000 RUR,
2000 USD
during 30 days
cheques processingfreeimmediatelyunlimited
extra fee for deposit payment search10% of value-in case of user's mistake or not following deposit instructions
extra fees may be taken according to deposit/withdrawal method used, limits per operation may vary.
☆☆for Peer2Peer systems corresponding to fullfilment of the reserve performed by other users; user should ensure that the reserve value is enough for operation completion.
☆☆☆Visa/MasterCard deposits are performed as refund, corresponding rules and terms applied (depends on issuer bank).

End User's Terms And Conditions of the Use of System

The System may be used by end customers only if the following Offer has been accepted. If the Offer has not been accepted fully the usage of the System is not allowed. The following text of the Offer is an official offer addressed to private persons willing to conclude a services rendering agreement. The agreement is assumed to be concluded and in the effect from the moment when any action mentioned in the Offer has been performed by the User, and it means that the User accepts the Offer unconditionally without any cuts or limitations.

1. Terms and Definitions
1.1. System - is a complex of hardware and software together named as that is made available to internet users under an address (URL)
1.2. User - is a private person that registered in the System by himself/herself, having an Account and using the System according to the terms of this Offer.
1.3. Account - is a set of data kept by the System for this particular User.
1.4. Cryptographic Network – crytographic messages delivery network supported by a single algorythm with a distributed confirmation of validity of monatomic entities transmitted by this network.
1.5. Cryptographic Transfer – monatomic entity transmitted by the network, issued by a network user in address of another user(s) with a value of particular points (accounting units).
1.6. Cryptographic Transfer Confirmation – network participants' activity unconditionally accepted by the System and its Users, consisting in providing Cryptographic Transfter validity confirmation by the Cryptographic Network. Each Cryptographic Transfer may be confirmed from zero times (Cryptographic Transfer is created not a long time ago or is not valid) up to arbitrary integer number of Cryptographic Transfer Confirmations according to maximum number of Cryptographic Network participants.
1.7. User's Personal Account – a storage that keeps the number of Cryptographic Transfers items accounted for a particular User of the System.
1.8. Rules of the System – a code of terms and conditions on System usage, put together in this document, mandatory for every User of the System.
1.9. Fee of the System – a commission take from the User of the System in a form of the Cryptographic Transfer defined by these Rules (a percent of the main value of the Cryptographic Transfer and a fixed value for the Cryptographic Transfer itself). The Fee of the System it stipulated in the Rules herein and, if applicable, directly in the Cryptographic Transfer order function. The User is solely responsible for any extra commissions/fees taken by third party systems, accepts those when the Cryptographic Transfer is ordered and undertakes an obligation to research the values of the commissions/fees mentioned on her/his own according to the method of Cryptographic Transfer used.
2. In the beginning of usage of the System and making a necessary registration attempt, the User accepts the Rules herein unconditionally, agrees with every part of them and takes all necessary obligations to act according to the Rules until the usage of the System will be terminated.
3. The following means are considered as necessary form of identification/authorization for any operations of the User of the System:
4.1. In order to access the User's Personal Account and his/her Account - login and password together recognized by the User and by the System as a handwritten signature analog (HSA).
4.2. In order to support extra identification of the User - payment password, extra two-factor authentication means, and limitation of IPs allowed by User to be accessing his or her Account.
5. The User takes full responsibility for the usage of his or her Account in the System authorized by HSA, two-factor authentication means, payment password and limited by allowed IPs, if the HSA has been handed over to or used by third party, even if third parties could get an access to HSA without authorization as a result of User's fault, including but not limited the case of wrong means of information security for the device used to access the System or the case of usage of the passwords not strong enough to prevent brute force break-in according to existing recommendations.
6. The User must keep the password being the part of HSA in secret. The password may be recovered only in case at the stage of registration the User have provided his or her active e-mail where the System may send a recovery code during password recovery procedure.
7. If the User's Account has been registered for the User by another User acting as an e-commerce venture, when billing the User the e-commerce venture should provide to the User the code necessary to complete the registration.
8. The Fee is taken for performing operations in the System, from the User's Account calculated as a part of points of the Cryptographic Transfer, according to the published Terms of the System.
9. The User is able to perform operations allowed by the System, intended to increase or to decrease the number of points of Cryptographic Transfer accounted on his or her Account, within the limits published by the System for each of operation type.
10. The System is not a banking institution and does not rely on the principles of the bank secrecy typical for those. In case of necessity all information on every operation and any User may be reported to any inquirer having a inquiry in written with a well motivated reason of information provision (according to System administration's decision).
11. The Account may be blocked or limited in capabilities by the System's administration, temporarily or without limitations, if the Rules would be broken by the User, if some attempts of attacks to the System by the User would be recorded, if reasonable reports from other Users will appear or if fraud Cryptographic Transfers in favor of particular User would be registered.
12. The Cryptographic Transfer from the User's Account to the Account of another User being an e-commerce venture is performed as described below:
13.1. For Cryptographic Transfers with a code BTC, LTC - immediately, having a part of points from User's Account transferred in amount of bill's value to recipient's (e-commerce venture's) Account minus the Fee of the System.
13.2. For Cryptographic Transfers with a code RUR, USD - when the Cryptographic Transfer is being ordered the value in BTC or LTC is being calculated according to the current rate of the System, then the part of points of sending User's Account is blocked, the System attempts to convert the BTC or LTC points using the exchange by the rate indicated and in case of success the recipient's Account is being increased by the number of points in RUR or USD. If conversion attempts fails during the 4 hours period, the points blocked are being unblocked.
14. Cryptographic Transfers intended on telecom providers accounts fullfilment are processed in RUR, USD as described in 13.2.
15. The current rate of the System (if provided by the System at the moment) may change anyhow during operation order performed by the User. The System does not guarrantee the rate indicated on the page consisting transfer order form nor the provision of its own rate if the request would not be submitted by the User ASAP. The System does not take obligations to provide its own rate nor to perform conversions with this rate all the time.
16. The User acting as an e-commerce venture has a capability (if agreed with the System's administrator) to use an API (XML-interface) to bill Users (issue payment requests), checking Cryptographic Transfers against the issued bills and accessing the current rates of the System. The special key is required to be set for the e-commerce venture User by the Administration of the System, then the key is provided to administrator of e-commerce solution of the User.
17. Reversal Cryptographic Transfer to the Network is performed after all the operations of the User has been verified by the System's Security Service. In order to perform the Reversal Cryptographic Transfer the User should provide to the System the part of points accounted for every Cryptographic Transfers in his or her favour and provide a valid Network address of the recipient. The System is able to verify that the Network address is valid but is unable to verify that the address does really exist in the Network and belongs to particular User. The User guarrantees that the Network address of recipient is correct.
18. The User is able to receive internal messages from the System (System's administration) and from other Users, to send internal messages and to delete messages, sent or received. The User is responsible himself or herself for any action, within or beyond the System, performed as a result of analysis of information delivered via internal messages.
19. The following numbering is used in the System:
19.1. For Transfers - number of operation is identified by “REFID” (an integer number, unique in the whole System).
19.2. For Payment Requests - number of request (bill) is identified by “BILLID” (an integer number, unique in the whole System).
19.3. For Internal Messages - number of message is identified by “MSGID” (an integer number, individual numbering for every User of the System).
20. The User is able to review all his or her operations (Cryptographic Transfers), bills (payment requests), messages without limitations.
21. The User is able to exchange his or her Cryptographic Transfers accounted to Cryptographic Transfers accounted for other Users, using electronic exchange system. The Users define the rates necessary for exchange on their own will without limitations from behalf of the System.
22. Changes in the Rules of the System made by System's administration, are made without prior notifications and are intended to minimize the System's outages, to keep System's functionality and to keep the System compatible with previous technical specifications.
23. The System keeps the right to terminate the service for any User with prior notification or without notification, having the right to block User's Account for unlimited period of time, and the User has to stop usage of the System immediately if:
23.1. If the User represent an authority of any jurisdiction, elected or appointed, and intended to use the System in order to perform his or her duties.
23.2. If the User uses the System for tax evasion, money laundering or any other activities considered as illegal in User's or System's residence.
23.3. If the User declines the identification request of the System.
23.4. If the User possesses more than one Account without System's administration permission.
23.5. If the User's Account's name may mislead other Users of the System, is assonant with System Accounts or indicates somehow that the User's activity may be illegal.
23.6. If the User has been informed on undesirability of his or her usage of the System according to the System's administration's decision.
23.7. If the User has in use any irregular automation capatilities in order to access the System or perform operations, without persmission of the System's administration.
23.8. If the affiliation of the User (within or beyond the System) with another User who's access has been restricted or revoked, has been discovered.
24. The System is not responsible for any loss, financial or any other kind, including but not limited interest loss and any other negative consequences that the User may face due to usage of the System's capabilities. Using the System, the User takes full responsibility for all associated risks.
25. The System is going to undertake all available measures in order to protect it's interests as well as interests of its Users, including but not limited measures against other Users of the System who's activity, within the System or beyond it, results or may result in possible dangers.
25.1. The System reserves the right to introduce barrage fees without notification in order to prevent possible negative consequences as a result of mass activity of Users regardless of its reasons.
26. The User agrees to check the terms of the current version of the Rules every time prior particular operation is ordered, if he or she founds it necessary.
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