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Internet payments security is a topic that both internet-users and payments systems are concerned about. cares about customers’ assets and provides following security tools intended to protect customers from unauthorized access to financial information: 

HTTP with SSL support
SSL cryptographic protocol provides secure communication between customer’s computer and system’s server. Using SSL you may be ensured that all information that you transmit or receive during your session is confidential (meaning no one may intercept it in original form) and consistent (i.e. you may be ensured that your computer is communicating to exactly payment system’s server and information you get goes exactly from payment system’s server, not hackers’ server). Every time note alerts from your browser regarding any concerns about server’s SSL certificate: hackers may attempt to substitute address information on your computer in order to redirect you to a fake server copying basic authorization functions of payment system so that hackers would try to steal your credentials.

Payments password
Login and password are used by system for basic authorizations. In addition to that it is strongly recommended to set up a payments password that the system will ask every time when debit transition will be invoked. In order to set up a payments password please use the Profile function: click on your login name on top right part of screen.

Confirmation with mobile application
You may use mobile application for more secure debit transactions authorization (so-called two-factor authorization). It is guaranteed that no one would be able to use your account even if your login and password would be stolen by viruses that you may occasionally install visiting infected web-site or opening an e-mail from hackers. Hackers won’t be able to benefit from stolen credentials since they won’t have an access to your mobile phone. Google Authenticator or TeddyID application are used for two-factor authorization.
In order to set up TeddyID please use “two-factor authorization options” in Profile function: click on your login name on top right part of screen, then scroll down to corresponding option in list. You’d be asked to install TeddyID application and to link your application with system’s account (you’d have to scan QR-code from the screen). Please enable push-notifications for your iOS application.

Information for law enforcement officials
Please provide your contact information and a brief of your interest via feedback form and we will contact you shortly. We will ask you to provide your identification and case number in order to be verified if you need an official response from us. False impersonating a law enforcement official is considered a crime and will be reported to a corresponding authorities.

And finally one very frequently asked question
Q: I have found some errors/important security breaches/blah-blah-blah in your web-site, will you pay me?
A: Nope, sorry. Try somewhere else.

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